Looking back at 2015

I was very lucky and got to do many interesting things over the year.

I started off the year with a return to London Lean Kanban Day, again I learnt loads, good to spend time thinking about Agile but as always the more thought provoking talks were the more left field ones.

Continuing the Conference theme, next up was ProgSCon, a new one day conference from the Agile Tour London folks. A good day focused on various aspects of programming.

More seriously, I was very happy to be able to contribute in a small way to works Nepal earthquake response. That day was one of the most rewarding of my professional career to date.

May saw me returning to coach and present at Rails Girls London in the lovely office of Square Enix.

June saw me back into Agile mode, with a day out at Agile in a Bag. I came away with lots to think about applying to the day job.

After a nice summer trip to the south of France, I took the train back to the west country and Eden Project to help run a DigiGirlz event. I do like being able to give back, hearing that some of girls have changed their mind about a career in software made it all worthwhile. As soon as the day was over it was back on a Train for The Lead Developer early the next day.

October saw me giving a talk at Oxford University on ‘Working Fast at Internet Scale‘ and heading back to Bristol for the first Bristech Conference. So good to catch up with lots of local folks and hear about the cool things happening in Bristol and Bath.

I only did a single MOOC this year, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies. Digital cash is something I’ve been interested in since reading an article in Wired way back on E-Money.

November was a return to Oxford helping out a career fair. It was a long day but rewarding

Decemeber started with me listening to some very inspiring stories from a Guardian women in leadership event.

Followed by more coaching and presenting for Rails Girls London at the day job. Alway nice to be able to show off our lovely office.

It was great to see Clair who I coached at my first Rail Girls event come back this time as a coach

All rounded off with a fun team dinner at Tramshed