I am a software engineering leader with over 15 years of diverse experience ranging from low-level hardware to cloud services, microservices, big data and Blockchain development. My prior work includes wholesale banking settlement platforms at Clearmatics, building web-scale messaging platforms at Skype and development of real-time video encoders, GPU architecture, and game engines.

My career has included experience in architecting and building new products, designing and promoting the adoption of development processes, leading agile teams, building teams, and representing my employers through public speaking and community involvement.

In addition to my experience, I hold an MSc in Computer Graphics & Virtual Environments and a BSc in Software Engineering from The University of Hull. I am a certified Scrum Master and have taken several courses and programs with Open University, Coursera, and FutureLearn. I’m also an organising team member for Rails Girls London and a Mentor for She(256), an organisation dedicated to diversity in Blockchain.


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