Cold Calling

“Be good to hear your thoughts on something I think could benefit you – can you spare a minute?”

I get a regular stream of messages like this, sometimes multiple ones a day. The text provided zero context. About the only thing I learn is some random person I don’t know wants to have a call with me. A half an hour call isn’t only half an hour of my time. I need to read your material to prepare questions. Check the service is relevant to the company.

I know times are tough. Running a business is challenging at the best of times. These aren’t the best of times. Cold calling is hard. Messaging many people hoping a few will say yes, has got to be pretty soul-destroying work. Low effort, one-line, no-context messages don’t put me in the best mood if I reply to you. Block, report as spam and move on seems a more straightforward response.

Seeing generic messages like these are so frustrating. I’m an optimist. Anyone that starts a business is worth celebrating. I want you to be more successful. I know you can do better.

I’m going to look at your message and ask a few questions:

Is your product relevant to the company? Have a quick look at the company’s website to check we are the correct type of company for your product. if we are in the wrong area or have no use for your services. Messaging wastes your and my time.

Will your product save time or money? Tell the story of how you will make my life simpler. I’m always interested in hearing about that.

How can I get an overview of your product? Give me a one-page summary of what you offer as an attachment or a link to a landing page. Make it easy for me to see the value you can provide.